Keep the Faith, Trust in Him

James 2:12 reads,

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” James 2:12, ESV

To stand the trials and tests that come your way in this life means to stand in the face of adversity. When everything you know and love has been taken away from you, and when everyone you know and love has betrayed you, will you stand the tests and trials of this life, knowing that God is there with you? He is with us in everything that we do, and he uses all things to work together for our good.

This scripture in James is so important for us to know and understand because it teaches us the true meaning and purpose of a trial:

To test us and prove us worthy of receiving the crown.

Jesus withstood a mocked up trial, being beaten and flogged, betrayal, and a brutal public death. He withstood all of this for us, that we may receive life and the crown of righteousness.

When we face issues of various kinds, we must remember that Jesus took the test and he passed. He received the crown of royalty, and we too must take the tests that come our way in order to receive our crowns.

Jesus laid down his life for us so that we may come to know him in this life, and know that all that we go through is not meant to break us down, but to build us up. We must not grow weary in well doing but instead know and expect miracles and breakthrough on the other side of what God is allowing us to go through.

Is God testing you? Is he allowing you to read this message to encourage you to stay in the fight? He is preparing you for bigger battles and bigger giants that are placed in your life to strengthen you, and push you further.

God promises us that if we withstand his tests, we will receive the crown of glory.

Stay in the fight. You are able to do all that he has put you on this Earth to do.



I hope this message was able to encourage you.

God bless you.



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